1 Akademika Proskury Str.,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Mechanical manufacture

Metal framework cabinets. This workshop has been successfully developing.
The mechanical workshop has mastered manufacture of on-floor and wall-mounted electric switchboard cabinets. Overall sizes may be customer-determined or have standards values.

On-floor cabinet. Standard sizes range from 1200x600x300 mm to 2200x800x600 mm. The structure is based on an all-welded framework ensuring rigidity and steadiness of the cabinet. The side walls are detachable to enable additional access during assembly and repair. Cable entry is either through the sliding bottom or through sealed terminals.

Wall-mounted cabinet. Standard sizes range from 300x300x150 mm to 800x600х420 mm. The structure is based on an all-welded framework carrying wall-mount brackets. The cabinet houses a wiring board. Cable entry is through an inlet panel which can be optionally located on the bottom or on a side.


Cabinet elements

1 - framework
2 - door with glass
3 - double-wing door
4 - side panel
5 - 100 mm high support
6 - 200 mm high support
7 - hatch
8 - hatch attachment brackets

Welding equipment manufactured by German company BTH TECH enables high-quality condenser welding of copper attachment fittings to ensure grounding with negligibly low transient resistance.

Before application of galvanic coating, the metal surface is degreased to remove preservation grease using automated equipment manufactured by Turkish company MepTeknik.

Liquid paintwork materials are applied using new modern equipment: water curtain cabin with a rotary table and electrical drying furnace.

This equipment allow to apply paintwork to up to 1.5 m long parts.

We also have equipment for application and polymerization of powder polymeric paints to up to 3.5 m long parts.

Currently we are putting into operation a EURO 90-55 automatic line manufactured by EUROIMPIANTI company which provides surface preparation (simultaneous degreasing and iron phosphate coating) application and polymerization of powder paint. The equipment allows to exclude manual degreasing parts including large-sized parts (2300x800x600 mm).