1 Akademika Proskury Str.,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Foundry-pressing workshop

Our foundry-pressing workshop has a big number of automatic molding machines and performs the following kinds of work:

  • pressing of parts of rubber and AG-4 thermosetting material;
  • fabrication of parts of polystyrene, plastic, PVC, polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene;
  • stamping of parts from steel tape, sheets of steel, aluminum, copper alloys.

This workshop manufactures individual protection facilities that have passed certification tests and have a hygienic certificate: welder's helmet set (one of options with chameleon glass, another option with forced ventilation); facial guard boards designed for face protection against small dispersed particles and splashes of chemically inactive substances; sport glasses (for swimming).

We also have developed and started manufacturing a new polystyrene toy – children's construction set aimed at developing children's creativity.

All products are certified and have passed hygienic examinations.