1 Akademika Proskury Str.,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

About us

Our Company traditionally continues developing control systems for rocket and space engineering

The staff succeeds in solving the task of using sophisticated rocket and space design technologies in production and manufacturing equipment for national economy.

Scientific and Production Enterprise Khartron Plant has been working on the market of manufacture of metal framework cabinets for 12 years. Metal framework cabinets have become our main products for the recent years. They include electrical switchboard cabinets manufactured by our Company which can be used at railroads, nuclear power plants, in power engineering, etc. When we purchased high-precision machines manufactured by German company Trumpf, we started manufacturing our products in shorter terms and with a higher quality.

We pay special attention to attracting and training young specialists. Our design bureau which was created not long ago with its staff consisting completely from young people has already made itself known by interesting developments.

Our tool workshop manufactures punches and dies of any complexity.

Our Company takes part in large projects related to manufacture of control systems for rocket and space engineering. These include Dnepr, Rokot, Strela carrier rockets. Light carrier rockets, one of which is Rokot, can successfully solve scientific, economic and commercial tasks and assist in unique experiments without large expenses. Scientific and Production Enterprise Khartron Plant is engaged in a joint Ukrainian-Brazilian project under which it manufactures control system instruments for Cyclone-4 carrier rocket. Besides our Company cooperated with State Enterprise Morozov Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau in developing a fire control ballistic computer for T-80UD, T-64BM tanks.

Our Company is looking for development of mutually beneficial business cooperation. We will be glad to find new partners!