About Us

Scientific and Production Enterprise "Khartron-Plant" is a major industrial enterprise corporation "Khartron" and has a full range of technological possibilities inherent in electronic instrumentation. 

 Continuing to build traditional instruments of control systems of space-rocket technology, the team successfully solves the problem of designing and manufacturing equipment and products for various industries. 

 Employs over 500 people.  The company uses a quality management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

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Our company celebrates its 50 - year anniversary

Production capacity

PREVIEW-SRC-Mechanical workshop

Mechanical workshop
Working with sheet metal, turning, milling, welding, electroplating, powder coating.

PREVIEW-SRC-Foundry-pressing workshop

Foundry-pressing workshop
Casting of plastic injection molding machines in, pressing products of rubber stamping of parts from metal strips.

PREVIEW-SRC-Tool workshop

Tool workshop
Manufacture of dies, molds and other production equipment. Hardening of working surfaces of tools.

PREVIEW-SRC-Assembly workshop

Assembly workshop
Performs work on the assembly and installation of circuit boards, units, devices, racks, shall adjust the functional units, conduct climatic and mechanical tests.